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Welcome to Beyond the Old World, a place to find tales of great adventures, all manner of unfortunate incidents and the odd amusing anecdote. Though thinking about it, they might all be the same thing. In between all the fun, I recount my travels around the globe, adding an incessant, rambling monologue to the beautiful photos that, let’s face it, most are here for. Sometimes I think I really should just get Instagram (update: Oh wait, I did).

Oh, and before I forget, my name is Doug.

Meet Doug - Possible expert horserider.

Meet Doug – Possible expert horserider.

What made me want to travel in the first place? Well, lots of things really, but mostly a desire, nay a compulsion to see everything. To put myself in unknown situations and live to tell the tale. To venture back to the days of the 16th century explorers where discovering something new was something worth doing. Picture me now: A modern day Indiana Jones, rough on the outside, sensitive on the inside, sans whip (there is such a thing as too far, you know). Ok, maybe that’s not all entirely correct, but this is. That’s right, the one, the only, the original post I made, giving you the real insight into this man’s psyche. You know you want to read it.

The blog itself started off in 2015 as a way for me to document what was then an impending adventure through South America. Apparently what I gained in stupid ideas when I developed from a fetus, I lost in actual ability to remember said ideas. Or what I had for dinner last night. To solve this problem, I originally planned to write my stories as a diary (which I still actually did, before every blog!), but then reconsidered. A generous soul, I thought I’d share them with the world (and hopefully gain incredible fame and notoriety along the way).

Meet Doug - Maker of friends.

Meet Doug – Maker of friends.

So that’s what this website is. A collection of stories. The rest of those travel blogs that you see everywhere with their “How to pack a bag” and “Twenty best places to take a ****”, where are their stories? Where is their fun? Where are their souls? Gone I tell you, gone. That’s why in this blog there will be no advice (I’m mean, ok!). There will be no tips (That’s right, probably!). There will be no facts (ok, ok maybe occasionally!). Someone has to take up the mantle, so I’ve lain out my soul to bear in these tales. To you.

Remember, I’m sharing these stories with you personally.

Yes, I’m looking at you personwhosreadingthisnow123, you personally.

The adventures in this blog are unsanitised and unadulterated. None of this taking several bazillion photos in the search for a perfect one (I would never get it anyway). No carefully picked tidbits, facts, tips and advice (I’m slowly realising I may have a slight issue with all these travel blogs). No rewrite after rewrite. These tales are all (usually) heat of the moment, featuring heart on my sleeve emotions and real, true feelings. That’s why they’re so long and waffly. So if you’re quite done with reading all I have to say, then you might as well start reading the blog! Well go on then, you’ve gotten this far!

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Meet Doug - Tortoise hangerouterer.

Meet Doug – Tortoise hangerouterer.

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