The Feeling that Something’s Going to Go Wrong

Something's going to go wrong

It never quite goes away. It doesn’t matter how much you travel, the feeling that something’s going to go wrong, or that you’ve forgotten something really important, sticks with you till the end. This time, for me, it was my luggage. I was sure it was going to be discovered…

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Eighteen Months On – A Belated Summary of a Year in South America

I know, I’m a bit late on this one. It has been nigh on 18 months since I arrived back in the UK from my great South American sojourn, but after writing about it the whole time I was there, and a little when I got back, I never really…

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Looking Forward to Fuzhou

Move to China

Ahem. Gather round, gather round, dear people. I have an announcement to make – I finally have a visa! Finally my circumstances have been deemed suitable, the paperwork has been processed and my vivacious visage (sometimes alliteration is really restrictive) has resulted in a visa. A weight off my mind…

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