Here you will find the (hopefully) up to date adventures of the incredibly handsome pioneering explorer, Doug. As modest as he is wise, as awesome as he is brave, Doug will endeavor to recite the tales of his travels with utmost accuracy. No embellishment whatsoever.

Getting to the End of a Grand Adventure – Part Two

This particular blog follows on from part one, in that it was written in the same rambling train of thought. If you haven’t delved into that first part of my fascinating story of not quite triumph mixed with possible loss and dismay, you can find it here. Might as well…

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Getting to the End of a Grand Adventure – Part One

It’s about time. About time I got back around to playing StarCraft 2, about time I moved out of my mum’s house again and about time I finished dozens of small, minor tasks. But really, about time I sewed up the rest of the story. It’s been a long time…

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